High School Communications Internship


Welcome to our Communications Intern Office!

This past school year, we piloted a Communications Internship that gathered 8 high school youth for 3 hours/week at Advent every week since September.

The interns’ objective was to use the tools of branding, marketing, and design to make Advent more inclusive and welcoming to all people. In the end, the group discovered a “sanctuary space” of supportive friends where they could laugh and talk about life, learned meaningful ways to put their creative gifts to use, and dug into significant questions about inclusivity, communications, and church.

Starting Out

The interns started out learning the building blocks of branding and marketing, and defining their goal for the school year.

They painted their vision statement on the wall of the Intern Office downstairs: May everyone be valued, included, and loved here in the fullness of who they are. May we show that this is true in every crevice and corner of our church, and may people know it far and wide.


The interns learned about branding, marketing, the design process, graphic design, writing, and more. They would use these principles in a year-long project to accomplish their objective and vision.

Their first step was to strategize and complete a marketing research project to better understand the community’s perceptions of Advent.

Advent Lutheran Church