Pride 2019 Events


Mass for PRIDE to start Pride Week at St. John’s

Sunday June 23 | 5pm | 81 Christopher Street

Bishop-elect (Southeastern Synod) Kevin Strickland preaching
Reception following hosted by ELM
Performance of GALAS at 8:00 pm

Pride through the NYPL

The New York Public Library is putting on a variety of readings, discussion, and opportunities to learn during Pride Week. Learn more >

Asexuality/Aromantic Conference

Saturday, June 29 | 9am - 5pm

For the past few World Prides there has been an asexuality conference, and this year it will be in NYC! Learn more >

June 30 - Pride March

March-Side Worship

12pm in the park at 2nd Ave. and 29th St

Join us for worship gathering Lutherans of the Metropolitan New York Synod

The March

Check in time: 1 PM

Location: 30th Street between Madison and Park

Section 4, Order number 28

This year the march will go south on 5th Ave. across 8th St. and Christopher and then north on 7th Ave. End of route is 23rd and 7th.

Advent Lutheran Church