Trinity School + Advent Dinners


This past school year, we partnered with Trinity School to offer a Community Dinner at Advent once a month. Together, we served 1700 meals this past year!

For Advent, this was a significant expansion of our Food Ministry, nearly doubling our total number of meals served in a year. 1,914 people were served in a year of Community Lunch.

The key to this ministry was partnership. Trinity School provided the food, and students and parents to serve. Advent provided leaders for coordination, teaching for the students, physical space, and optional prayer requests for guests at the dinner.

In addition to children, youth, and parents coming to Advent to serve monthly dinners, Pastor Danielle and others from Advent visited Trinity School to talk about Advent’s food ministries and hunger insecurity in our neighborhood.

This partnership was part of Trinity School’s “Trinity Changemakers,” program, which partners with churches and organizations throughout our neighborhood to be a school that connects students to the needs of the city.

When asked about their experience at Advent and at our Trinity/ Advent dinners, guests said:

“This is just amazing. All these young people are so nice and caring and attentive. The whole atmosphere is warm and inviting and loving. Thank you so much.”

“It’s so kind and welcoming. You are all . . . (We worked out what the word was in English) servants. God blesses you because you serve. Your serving comes from God.”

Advent members Chandra Llewellyn and Kathy Carpenter were integral to coordinating the ministry, leading the dinners, and providing at atmosphere of welcome and available prayer for all our volunteers and guests. A huge thank you everyone who made feeding more hungry people in our community possible!

Advent Lutheran Church