First things first . . .


At Advent we are a diverse faith community committed to sharing acceptance, community, and love with all people. And we mean everyone.

We're so glad you're here taking time to get to know our church. If you're new to Advent, we hope the first thing you learn about Advent is that you are truly, unconditionally welcome here. Here's what we mean by that:


We celebrate your identity as a gift from God


You are welcome here as a child of God. We welcome people of all races, cultures, and colors; people of all sexual orientations; people of all ages, gender identities, and abilities; people of every legal, economic, and marital status. All people whom the world seeks to separate, divide, or isolate — we seek to unite in community. We excitedly call you to fully participate, share, and lead in our congregation. We invite you to a diverse community of believers united in our faith.


You are welcome here to experience Christ's redeeming love


We all have disappointments, transgressions, imperfections, mistakes, regrets, losses, and pain. Here, our mission is to love everyone, and not to judge. We don't do this perfectly either; judging is really easy, and love can be hard. Our mission and practice here is to try to choose love, every time. We don't believe the pain, guilt, mistakes, and flaws define who anyone is. We do believe in limitless grace, love, and forgiveness freely given to everyone by God through Jesus Christ, unearned by our worldly successes and undeterred by our spiritual and moral failures. God calls us to let go of our regrets, our mistakes, our insecurities, all of it -- to be truly connected and rooted in community, and to love and help each other. And that is what we're about.




You are welcome to a community of joy and service empowered by the Holy Spirit


We believe you have amazing gifts to share with this community and the world. We believe all the things that make you different make the world better, and give you a unique perspective to share. Whatever your story, you can make a huge difference in the lives of others, and you don't have to do it alone. We'd love to help you do it here. We believe God gives us gifts for a reason, and is actively calling, connecting, energizing us to make a positive difference in the world together. We invite you to join the vital, life-fulfilling work toward our mission of acceptance, justice, and healing for all people.


So what's next?