Sunday, September 24, 2017




What would you do if you met your childhood (or workplace) bully at the pearly gates? Did you think you would? "Are you jealous because I am generous?" the landowner, representing God, says in today's Gospel parable. In the parable, the landowner paid the people who are hired at the end of the day the same amount as those who began working in the morning. Sometime the fact that God's love is equally for everyone can seem unfair in our human sense of fairness -- but then again, we are the recipients of that same unconditional love, even in our worst moments. In his sermon, Pastor Gary reflects on this conundrum and calls us to a reflect such a love that defies deservedness or judgement.



Sunday School

Following our Celebration Sunday last Sunday, today we had our first regular Sunday School of the year. Parents and children wrote letters to people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Upstairs in the sanctuary, the danced and sang songs led by Pastor Danielle. Everyone was very proud of their letters, and that they were able to help make people who are hurting feel better.

Sarah, our new seminary intern this school year, assisted Pastor Danielle with leadership. She is looking forward to getting to know all our families this year!



Adult Conversation

Today's adult conversation was about our annual trip to El Salvador every July, and our sister church, Pueblo de Dios, in Calderitas, El Salvador. Norma, a leader among the group for many years, wore her Spanish 500th Anniversary of the Reformation T-shirt from El Salvador just for the occasion. Carlos, who's been on the trip several times, emphasized the powerful sense of community we have developed with our sister church, Pueblo de Dios, over the years. You leave feeling like you've reunited with your dearest friends, reminded of what relationships look like when life slows down. In the midst poverty and danger, the people around you and community and love matter more than ever. To the people of Pueblo de Dios in Calderitas, the fact that we visit them and experience of spending time together matters more than any service project or financial gift. Knowing that they are not alone, that they are cared for, prayed for, loved goes further than anything else. You're invited to experience community in a whole new way in El Salvador next summer! Click here to learn more.


Worship in Spanish

We got to hear the same sermon as Spanish-speaking members of our community today, from Pastor Gary. They also shared in Holy Communion. Here, you see Lorenza, Dolores, and Chandra walking up to receive the gifts of God, bread, wine, grace, forgiveness, and abundance.

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