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Equipo El Salvador fosters Advent’s relationship with its sister congregation, Pueblo de Dios (People of God) Lutheran Church in Calderitas, San Vicente, El Salvador.  Our brothers and sisters of Pueblo de Dios pray for Advent and its ministries every week, as we pray for them.  Our sisterhood is built on the principles of accompaniment, which the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) defines as: “walking together in solidarity that practices interdependence and mutuality. In this walk, gifts, resources, and experiences are shared with mutual advice and admonition to deepen and expand our work within God’s mission.” 

Every year we dedicate one Sunday in the spring to celebrate El Salvador Sunday.  The pastor of our sister church, Christian Chavarría, visits us to bring us the Good News from El Salvador, and to bring personal greetings and news from Pueblo de Dios.

Every summer it is possible to travel to El Salvador.  The purpose of the trip is to learn about the history and culture of El Salvador and about the work of the Lutheran Church in El Salvador, and to spend time in Calderitas with our sisters and brothers of Pueblo de Dios.