Celebration Sunday: Light the Fire, September 17, 2017


Celebration Sunday

Light the Fire


How is God calling you to be a light to the world?


After the tranquil months of summer, it was incredible to experience Advent buzzing with people and vibrantly alive. Balloons lining the sanctuary, interactive worship elements, even (*gasp) some clapping and dancing in worship. Through worship and intergenerational activities downstairs, we pondered together how God is calling each of us to be a light to the world. You're invited to continue diving into that query through the video, photos, and reflections here.


Pastor Danielle's Sermon

We know what forgiveness is (It's Christianity 101, right?) but too often, in real life, we get it upside-down. Pastor Danielle's sermon invites us to look again, and shows us just how wonderfully radical God's forgiveness really is. And when people see God's unbelievable forgiveness in us, God's light is shining through us.


9am Worship

9am worship began quietly. Then during the opening hymn, family after family shuffled into the sanctuary. By the end of worship, a multitude was clapping and following the pastors down the center aisle for our closing hymn.

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Celebration Sunday Activities

That morning, six activity stations were spread across the basement fellowship hall. Adults and kids alike were invited to gather in community in the fellowship hall. When you walked in, you were given a card saying, "How are you called to be a light to the world?", and a single "candle wick" (it was really a chopstick). At each station you would get a new piece of colorful paper to build your "candle," and at the final station, a pretty paper flame to top it.

Many kids immediately flocked the "Feeding of the 5000" station, where the activity was decorating cookies. The task was to make one cookie for yourself, and one to give to a friend. Each station being a light to the world through the lens of different Bible story.

For people who completed all the stations quickly or needed a break, not to fret, there was ice cream.

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Jesus' Arms Cutout Portrait

One popular station was this cutout portrait inspired by the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Through this station, our aim was to remind kids (and adults!) that no matter who they are or what they do, there is always a place for them in the heart and arm of Jesus. After talking about the Bible story, we asked kids questions about all the different kinds of people they saw in Jesus' arms, and then invited them to join the crowd!

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11am Worship

The Advent Chorale joined us for 11am worship, singing "Climbin' Up the Mountain, Children" arranged by Moses Hogan, a fun and energetic piece to match the mood of the day.

During the Prayers of Intercession, everyone present was invited to light a candle, an act of prayer inviting God to illumine your life and illumine our world with love, mercy, forgiveness and justice. If you weren't able to be with us in worship (even if you were), we invite you to light a candle at work or home and lift up a similar prayer sometime this week.

The service ended with another lively procession, followed by conversations and community throughout the sanctuary.


12:45pm Worship in Spanish

Our final worship service of a whirlwind day. Spanish-speaking members of our congregation and community gathered for Pastor Gary's sermon, Holy Communion, and faith community. Volunteers, young and old, assisted with the readings, the offering, and more.

For our bilingual members out there, Pastor Gary's sermon video is included below.

For everyone else, you know our Conversational Spanish Class just started on Monday. We all have to start somewhere. The class is at 2pm every Monday, and all are welcome to drop in.



Pastor Gary's Sermon in Spanish

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