Call Committee Update

By Juan Minier, Chair of the Call Committee


On behalf of the call committee and Pastora Danielle, I’d like to inform you that our conversation with a promising candidate was positive.

Our initial interview was online, but very promising, so we decided we needed to bring the candidate to New York. A more intimate setting helped us to better discern their character and other qualifications, so that we could solidify our opinions in a face to face setting.

As a call committee, we focused our interviews on questions in different areas we felt were important criteria for a candidate and our needs here at Advent. Having done that, we feel the candidate is a great match for Advent’s unique needs for this pastoral position.

For that reason, at the end of June, the Call Committee voted to recommend our candidate for the Congregation Council.

The next step will be a meeting between our candidate and the church council. If everything goes well, the council will set a date for Call Sunday which probably will be in September, since July and August have lower turnouts.

We will keep you updated.