God’s reach is endless. God’s love is unmeasurable.

And the transformation that occurs when we come in contact with the power of the Gospel is beyond what we can fathom or sum.

And yet, there are signs along the way, signs that God is at work through us and in spite of us.

This Budget of Ministries gives us a roadmap, marking our journey, and pointing to the ways that God is at work.  These numbers each tell a story, reflect a relationship, and speak to the finances, time and talents so many disciples give to the ministry and mission here at Advent

Thank you for your commitment to God’s mission and ministry here at Advent.  Your discipleship to Jesus Christ makes a difference in the world and in the lives of very real people.

Consider how you can continue to support and strengthen God’s ministry through Advent using your resources, time and talents.





Stewardship is the belief that we are called to care for the world God made and all the inhabitants in it. We do this through the use of God's gifts in our lives -- our selves, our time, and our resources.

Stewardship pledges made this fall for 2019 are the basis of our 2019 budget, and therefore the scope and impact of our ministry next year.

Think about where and how God is leading you to give to God’s mission at Advent.