Often we think of giving as an individual act, when in reality, giving is all about community.  

God created us to be in community.  It is a gift.  And giving reminds us of God’s incredible generosity.  God knows we need each other to live into the fullness of the life that God crafts for us.  We keep each other humble.  We lift each other up.  And we reflect back to one another the love of God that is poured out for all creation.

  • When you walk into After-School at Advent and see our volunteer tutors bent over textbooks, patiently teaching our eager students, that is stewardship.

  • When you see the looks of accomplishment on the faces of people learning English as another language and the faces of our volunteers in our ESOL ministry, that is stewardship.

  • When our children sing songs about Jesus love, growing in faith and prayer, because their teachers and parents/caregivers have taken the time to share their faith, that is stewardship.   

  • When we send our tithe, 12% of our income, to the Metropolitan New York Synod and it is used for relief efforts, hunger, education, and sharing the love of God, that is stewardship.

  • When we feed people who are hungry, this year to date over 29,000 people, that is stewardship.  

  • When we receive prayer &  strength in worship, at the communion table & in relationship, that is stewardship.

  • When we teach our young people, attend Adult Bible class or bake cookies for Coffee Hour, we unite with others in community for the sake of the Church.

  • When we help others learn English in ESL class, help clean after Community Lunch or give to the Food Pantry, we unite with others in community for the sake of the neighborhood.

  • When we give beyond our regular offerings to Lutheran Disaster Response, visit one of our sister congregations in El Salvador or Tanzania or support the Heifer Project or Bread for the World, we unite with other in community for the sake of the world.

Together we are

  • Gathering to praise God

  • Sharing Christ’s love

  • Baptizing people into faith

  • Advocating for hungry people

  • Supplying groceries & hot meals to over 29,000 people

  • Traveling to the ELCA National Youth Gathering

  • Providing legal aid and support to immigrants

  • Celebrating and building the faith of our children

  • Learning together in Bible Study

  • Growing in faith on our church retreat

  • Creating beautiful music that praises God

  • Producing podcasts to share the word of God

  • Building stronger ties with our sister churches in El Salvador and Tanzania

  • And so much more…


Ever since I came here I feel like God has become part of my life [. . .] The people who are joining this community are being transformed. I am, I think, an example of that. - Adolfo R.


We moved to New York for my spouse's job, and I didn't really know anyone here. What I found with Advent is a wonderful, welcoming community and a place that feels like home. - Abby F.


The people here have helped me to rejoice in my faith, live in my faith, and showed me how to use that faith and love to try to be a better person, set an example, and share that love with others. - Lynne H.


For me, being at Advent, coming here every Sunday, the whole community, every single sermon, is like a call to action. I call it "living out loud." It's not just a one-time event. It's like, what do you do after the sermon ends? What's next? - Blessing T.


When I became a single parent, the support that Advent gave me made me stronger to take care of my children. - Rebecca C.


Your stewardship enables . . .


Acolyte, Altar Guild, Resurrection Anniversaries, Assisting Minister, Chalice Bearer, Chorale, Flower Power,  Funerals/Memorials, Intergenerational Choir, Prayer Ministry, PRAYground Shepherd, Reader/Lector, Special Music, Sunday Singers, Weddings, Usher/Greeter

Faith Formation

Adventurous Adventonians,  Baptismal Instruction, Coffee Hour,  Confirmation, Congregational Retreat, Communications Internship and Ministry, Equipo El Salvador,  First Communion, First Sunday Luncheon, House Blessings, Kids Fellowship Gatherings, LaMP Ministry, Lay Intern Committee,  LGBTQIA+ Group, Sunday Faith Formation, Sunday School, Midday Lunchbreak Bible Study, Midweek Christian Education Series, Navajo Lutheran Mission Partnership, New Member Gathering, Podcasts and Conversations, Seminary Internships/Field Ed, Stewardship Team, Tanzania Companion Synod Team, 20s/30s Group, Youth Ministry

Service and Justice

Hunger: Advocacy, Community Lunch, Food Pantry, Trinity – Advent Partnership Dinner, LaMP Cooks, Meal Packing Event  

Immigration: Advocacy, After-School, Detainee/Detention Accompaniment, English as a Second/Other Language, IDNYC Hosts, Immigration Workshops, Legal Aide, OSHA Training, Spanish as a Second/Other Language  

Think about where and how God is leading you to give to God’s mission at Advent.

When you are ready, fill out your stewardship commitment card below.