Interviews & Observations

applying our Faith-based Design ThinkinG process

Please review these materials before conducting any interviews and observations on your own or with your team. They will be your guide to doing them effectively and ethically.



  • Everyone is a child of God

  • Neutral observation (check judgment and biases at the door)

  • Empathy (put yourself in others’ shoes)

  • Curiosity (question everything and notice details)

  • Creative optimism (every challenge is an innovation waiting to happen)

Guide for Conducting Interviews

This guide covers how to do interviews with people effectively and ethically. It was used by the Vision Team to facilitate our Listening Small Groups. Please study it carefully before conducting any interviews. Let us know if you have any questions!

What to look for in Sunday or Ministry Observations

Observation is a nuanced act we get better at with practice. Below are 14 helpful guidelines for conducting observations in a design thinking process.