Deepen your faith walk with Diakonia


The Diakonia program is a process of spiritual formation and theological education for baptized members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America or anyone wishing in good faith to study the teachings.

A recent diakonia program graduate says: "Now I know why Lutherans do what we do in our worship and in the world. I understand the Bible and its history more deeply, and can talk more comfortably about my faith. This experience provides a background and foundation for following God's call to "go out" and "do." It strengthens you for weekly worship and your Monday through Saturday walk. The energy and enthusiasm from fellow Christians is contagious!"

Diakonia Classes in English - Manhattan, West Side- begin late September and have been from 6:30 to 9:30 pm on Wednesday nights at Gustavus Adolphus (though location is subject to adjustment pending on where the majority of Manhattan Students live - ex: UWS, Harlem, Midtown). The program is excellent, perfect for those lay persons who want to learn more about Christianity. Information is available on the synod website - . If you have additional questions please speak with Pastor Danielle. If you are ready to commit to a class, contact the program coordinator Pr Rebecca Pollicino at

Advent Lutheran Church