Synod Assembly: May 16-19, 2019

By Pastor Danielle


Yearly the Metropolitan New York Synod member congregations and organizations meet for a time of worship, visioning and voting.  This year, the MNYS gathered in Tarrytown, NY on May 16 - 19.  Brelyn Vandenberg and Deacon Adolfo Ramierz were our lay representatives.  The voting membership is comprised of clergy and laity.

Assembly materials including agenda, voting materials, reports and worship guides can be found at 

Video of the assembly can be found at:  

Highlights from 2019 Synod Assembly

Theme: Care of Creation 

There were many presentations, conversations and workshops around what it means to be stewards of the earth.  The assembly spoke honestly and openly about the dangers and challenges of Climate Change.  Learn more about the work of the Environmental Stewardship Committee here.

Bishop's Election

The ELCA elects our bishops using an ecclesial ballot.  This means that ever ordained pastor in the ELCA can be lifted up on the first ballot for the office of Bishop.  The first ballot held 55 names.  Clergy are then given the opportunity to remove themselves from the ballot.  On the second ballot it was narrowed down to the top seven vote getters: Rev. Chris Meitlowski, Rev. Katrina Foster, Rev. Paul Egensteiner, Rev. Johnathan Linman, Rev. Ed Barnett, Rev. David Anglada, and Rev. William Baum.  Each of the seven candidates give a five minute speech.  On the third ballot, it is narrowed to the top three: Rev. Chris Meitlowski, Rev. Katrina Foster, and Rev. Paul Egensteiner.  They then took part in a panel interview.  On the fourth ballot, two-thirds of the vote is needed to secure a bishop.  Our fourth ballot came down to Rev. Chris Meitlowski and Rev. Paul Egensteiner.  On the fifth and final ballot, Rev. Paul Egensteiner of Emmanuel, Pleasantville was elected bishop of the Metropolitan New York Synod.   Thanks be to God! 

Memorials and Resolutions 

"Memorials and resolutions enable this church to address broad policy issues or issues important to God’s mission in the world. Memorials address broad policy issues; resolutions have a narrower focus, requesting consideration or action by individual offices or units, or the Church Council. "  * 2 Memorial and 2 Resolutions were passed at assembly. 

Immigration Advocacy Strategy: Sanctuary Memorial 

On the Poor People's Campaign 

On the Poor People's Campaign Resolution: This resolution was presented from the floor.  It was approved overwhelmingly that the MNYS Synod would recommend to Churchwide Assembly the endorsement of and participation in the Poor People's Campaign. 

Heartfelt Gratitude and Appreciation

Revised Budget 2019 and Budget 2020

The Revised Budget for 2019 and the Budget for 2020 were passed.  These budgets can be found in the link to the worship materials. 

Advent in the News

Anniversaries: We gave thanks for Pastor Gary Mill's 35 years of ordained ministry, for Rev. Sarah Brown's 35 years of ordained ministry, for Rev. Ann Tiemeyer's 30 years of ordained ministry, and for Synodical Deacon's 5 years of diakonial ministry, Carlos Lopez.  (Please note, not listed because he is rostered outside of our synod is Rev. Charles Miller, celebrating 50 years of ordained ministry). 

Hunger Grant: Bishop Elizabeth Eaton lifted up Advent's ELCA Hunger Grant.  We are the only congregation in the synod to receive a grant.  We are given $6,000 for 3 years to the use of our hunger ministries.  This is a highly competitive grant and we are humbled and thankful for the opportunity to live into this ministry.