Holy Week: How are you part of the story?


It's about to be Holy Week, again. If you're feeling like Holy Week is just one more thing pressing for your time, this reflection is for you.


We often describe Holy Week as a "journey," but we acknowledge this sense of "journey" has one unavoidable problem: We think we know how the story turns out. 

If you feel like you have a grip on the question, “What's going to happen?” maybe a better question to ask is:

“How am I part of it?”

Most of us know the descriptive events of Holy Week story, but the spiritual reality of what God did and is doing in Holy Week -- that is the mind-bending, world-changing miracle on the edges of human understanding that invites continued exploration and practice every year of our lives.

How are you part of Holy Week? This isn't a guilt-laced nudge to attend Holy Week worship at Advent (worship times below), but a loving encouragement to ponder the reality of what Holy Week means in your life. We only hope worship creates the space for that.

Because it is life-changing.

Recently in one of the listening small groups for our visioning process, one Advent member said, "Sometimes I think the reality of God's grace is too much to take in."

We attend Holy Week and think we already know all of this -- and yet . . . we feel guilt about our level of participation in church, about our mistakes and vices, the things we have done and left undone for our neighbors.  We judge others, in our church community and beyond. We allow barriers and injustices to form and take root, forgetting someone else is also a beloved Child of God, and that God's grace, and Holy Week, is for everyone.

We know the details of the story, but dwelling in the meaning and living into that reality -- well, that may just take a lifetime of Holy Weeks.


We hope this Holy Week is a reminder: you are deeply and intimately part of this Holy Week story. And so is your neighbor.


Jesus sees you on the side of the road waving palms and in the crowd yelling "crucify;" he sees you at the table with the disciples, eating with him; he sees you as he's dying on the cross, and holds you when he is conquering death.


Okay, maybe we still have a lot to learn in Holy Week. We hope worship at Advent throughout Holy Week provides spaces for reflection. We invite you to be part of worship throughout the week, because becoming part of the unfolding of the story helps us to understand the meaning of final chapter.

But let's remember why we hold 5 days of worship in one week. It isn't a simple reliving or memorializing. It isn't going through the motions. It is our very much needed, continued exploration of what God has done and is doing in our lives, and how we might respond.

We wish you not a nice Holy Week or a blessed Holy Week, but a life-changing Holy Week. Because what God does through Jesus Christ is nothing short of life-changing. We hope God's love radiates in you as you experience the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and that you will be called to share the Good News.

- Kevin Bowen, Communications Coordinator

Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 14

9am & 11am in English and 12:30pm en Español

Begin the journey, as Jesus enters into Jerusalem on his way to Calvary. 

Maundy Thursday

Thursday, April 18

7pm Maundy Thursday Worship in English

Gather in the Upper Room with the disciples to hear Jesus parting words.  Sit at the table and be fed.

Good Friday

Friday, April 19

12pm Interactive Worship, 3pm en Español, & 7pm in English (w/Chorale & orchestra)

Stand witness at the foot of the cross and know God's mercy.  Experience the complexities of this Good Friday.

Easter Vigil

Saturday, April 20

7pm Easter Vigil Worship in English

Keep watch through the night and remember that joy returns in the morning. * This year we celebrate at Advent Lutheran with our siblings from Trinity 100th Street. 

Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 21

9am & 11am Worship in English and 12:30pm en Español

10am - 2pm | Easter Breakfast

Celebrate resurrection!  Experience joy!  This is the day that defines who we are, reminding us, no matter the situation, whose we are. 

Advent Lutheran Church