Announcing our new Property Committee


We are excited to announce the formation of Property Committee to look over any immediate needs in our property and physical space. We have an amazing team ready to take on the job!

Before we share the members of the team, let’s go over how this “Property Committee” is different than our previous “Building Committee,” and the forthcoming “Spatial Planning Team” that will come out of our visioning process. That’s a lot of different groups with similar names, but as you’ll see in moment, each is very unique.

Our new Property Committee will oversee maintenance and immediate small projects on our property. So, they will not oversee any major capitol projects or long-term spatial planning.

You may remember our previous Building Committee, which researched our options for major capital projects like fixing or replacing the air conditioning unit for our sanctuary. A huge thanks to all immediate former members of the Building Committee, Madelyn Soussoudis, Jim Kelly, Jon Dohlin, and Reid Maclean, for doing this important work.

Coming out of our Visioning Process led by the Vision Team, the Spatial Planning Team will explore all the possibilities of how our physical space might support our Vision & Mission — the BIG stuff. We will be assembling and convening this team sometime during the “Distilling” phase of the Visioning Process to give them a head start. If you have questions or would be interested in participating on our Spatial Planning Team, please talk to our Council President, David Richards. Email David >

In the meantime, our new Property Committee will be handling important, but short-term things like: deciding what to do when the basement floods, replacing a broken faucet, getting quotes for shaving a bump in our sidewalk, or installing warmer, safer interior doors in our sanctuary entrance.

Serving on the Property Committee is:

  • Bayardo Peralta (as the Council representative)

  • Joshua Weidmann (former Building Manager at Advent)

  • Lukas Martin

  • Mica Hill

  • Maura Rosado

  • Debra Warn

This team brings a variety of skills, insights, and passions that will equip them to handle any immediate property needs that come our way.

Thank you to these Advent members to saying “yes!” to the call to look after our property. Our new Property Committee will meet for the first time on Monday, March 25.

If you have any questions about the Property Committee, please talk to Pastor Gary Mills. Email Pastor Gary >

Advent Lutheran Church