Statement of Solidarity with our Siblings at the Border


During this season of Advent, it is as urgent today as it was 2000 years ago to prepare for the coming of Jesus.

But it’s hard to prepare to stand with Mary and Joseph when your nation aligns itself with Herod.

It’s hard to prepare for the birth of the newborn king when you are condoning the tear gassing of families seeking safety.  

Advent Lutheran Church condemns the violence perpetrated at the border on our siblings in Christ.

We condemn the continued policies of separation of families and the dehumanizing of beloved children of God.  

We condemn a rule of law that stands against the love of God shared so boldly in the life of Jesus, that is the radical and profound love of God.

When we ignore the struggling of our siblings seeking shelter across human crafted geo-political boundaries, seeking what we all yearn for, safety,  then we reject Christ. We reject the Gospel. We reject God.

Every tree we trim, every carol we sing, worships a false god if we cannot see the face of God in every María, José and Jesus seeking hope.  

This Advent season, we choose justice. We choose love. We choose Jesus.

Who has already chosen us.

Take Action

Please visit or contact Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (, the ACLU (, Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (, New Sanctuary Coalition ( or Families Belonging Together ( to Advocate, Donate, Demonstrate and Volunteer for justice at the border.  - Presiding Bishop of the ELCA Statement on Policy of Family Separation  - Statement on Immigration – Statement on Immigration in Spanish 

To learn about how you can volunteer to support and advocate for immigrants in our own congregation and community, please contact Pastor Gary Mills at

Advent Lutheran Church