Sunday Faith Formation Fall Schedule

We are pleased to share our Sunday Faith Formation schedule and descriptions for the coming weeks! See what interests you, and join us Sundays from 10:10-10:55am in the back half of the Community Hall downstairs.

Oct 28 | Reformation Sunday

Join Pastor Gary in attempting to rewrite some of the 95 theses for today.

Nov 4 | Dalit Theology

Learn about how Arvind P. Nirmal, an Indian theologian, who brought into light the the discrimination the Dalits also known as the untouchables faced in the society and in the church and voiced for change in the injustice of Dalit Christians through his theology." - with Hephzibah Penumaka

Nov 11 | Anabaptist movement of the 16th Century

Lutherans weren't the only group to pursue reform in the 16th Century! The Anabaptists were an offshoot of the Reformation that believed in believer's baptism, reliance on the Word of God, the separation of church and state, and the need for revolutionary reshaping of Christian life and society. Together, we'll talk about both what lessons and cautions we can glean from their lives, beliefs, and witness. - with Michael Hammett

Dec 2 | Erasmus of Rotterdam

Erasmus of Rotterdam was a biblical scholar, Christian humanist, and contemporary of Luther who was deeply critical of corruption in the late-medieval Catholic church. He sought a renewal of piety through cultivating humility, poverty, and the imitation of Christ, values which bear the mark of Erasmus' upbringing in schools affiliated with the Modern Devotion and the Brethren of the Common Life. Both Erasmus and the Modern Devotion called for a return to a life consonant with Christ's teachings, the philosophy of Christ." - with Brad Abromaitis

Dec 11 | Joel Workin, Jeff Johnson, and James Lancaster

Joel Workin, Jeff Johnson, and James Lancaster were three gay seminarians whose certifications for ordination were revoked by the ELCA in 1989 after "coming out" to their candidacy committees. These three candidates paved the way for extraordinary ordination in the ELCA, and ultimately for full inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in our church body. - with Vicar Deacon Abby Ferjak

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