2017 in 13 Pictures


Because getting it down to 12 was just too hard.

Even 13 photos leave out so much of the ministry, work, laughter, fun, preaching, praying, and community that happens here in the space of a year. The contributions of and impact on all the people who have been part of Advent's community and ministry in 2017 are unfathomable.  With that caveat, here are 13 great photos and great moments from throughout 2017.

01_3 Kings.jpg


Two Languages, One Community. At our Three Kings Celebration in January, 2017, we witnessed an incredible sense of community between our English and Spanish speaking members in one multicultural celebration.



First Communion. Pastor Danielle communes with us for the first time during her visit as a candidate for Senior Pastor in February.



Can I Help You With That? One of our younger Food Pantry volunteers helps carry a guest's bag up the stairs. Our Food Pantry and Community Lunch ministries gave children, youth, and adults real opportunities to help people. Every month this year, over 150 households received a bag of groceries from us, and over 150 people from all walks of life in our community enjoyed a warm, homemade meal together.



Proclaiming the Good News. Worshipers gather outside on Broadway for Palm Sunday worship in Spanish. Soon, they will process with palms and music into the sanctuary. Worship began like this at 9am, 11am, and 12:45pm on Palm Sunday.



Stories that Made Us. In late April, one of our high schoolers interviewed Dorothy Metzger, a member and leader at Advent for nearly half a century, for a video about understanding and celebrating how past Advent members contributed to the Advent we know today. In September, Dorothy passed away. Her memory lives on in many among us. For those who didn't get chance to know Dorothy, our "Stories That Made Us" video will hopefully help shed light on her impact here. "Stories that Made Us" will be out soon. (Dorothy was also joined by longtime friend and Advent member, Lorenza Darley, who was also interviewed.)



New Beginnings. Pastor Ann baptizes Abigail on her second-to-last Sunday of serving as our Interim Senior Pastor for close to 2 years. 



Oh, The Places We'll Go. On her first Sunday worshiping with us as our new Senior Pastor, Pastor Danielle takes all the kids on a tour of the sanctuary.


God's Work, Our Hands. One of the most special moments of the summer was a bread-making activity at our seasonal Wednesday evening program, Summer Suppers. Advent members young and old, speaking English and Spanish, got to interact and work together in a fun, hands-on activity with sacred significance: making the communion bread that would be used in the next Sunday's worship at Advent, and at the Congregational Retreat upstate at Koinonia.



Gather Round. In August a big group of Advent members took to the woods for fellowship, fun, and reflection about Advent's mission at our annual Congregational Retreat. Each year, this is a special time to reflect more deeply on our faith and Advent's ministry, and to enhance friendships and bonds within the Advent community.



Let's Celebrate! One group enjoying the festivities downstairs on our first Celebration Sunday of the fall, Celebration Sunday: Light the Fire, in September. This Sunday lifted up the gifts of everyone in our community and explored how each of us can be a light to others.



In This Together. Advent members and synod church leaders gather around Pastor Danielle to give her a blessing at her official installation as Senior Pastor of Advent Lutheran Church in October.



Always Re-Forming. Our Celebration Sunday: Re-Formation celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, and explored how we can continue to reform the church to bring God's love and grace into today's world.



A Light on the Upper West Side. On the first Saturday morning in December, our monthly Food Pantry and our annual Christmas Tree Sale happen side by side. Our corner is teeming with activity, generosity, community, and joy.

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