Thanks-Giving Video Series


This Thanksgiving season, hear different Advent members give thanks for how God is at work in their lives through this faith community.



In our first episode, Abby talks about moving to New York and finding a sense of community and home in Advent.



From the example set by her parents in Zimbabwe, to a black history month rally in Boston, to the sermons here at Advent every Sunday, Blessing traces how God is continually inspiring her to do more for her neighbors here in New York City and in her childhood home in Zimbabwe.


kid's edition

Some of our Advent kids share what they are grateful for right now.



Lynne shares how this faith community supports her in the challenges of life, and rejoices with her in the joys.


In our second episode, Adolfo talks about how his life has been transformed by the community here at Advent.



Rebecca shares how Advent has supported her as a parent, offered her community, and given her meaningful opportunities to help people. Sarah talks about how Advent gave her a positive faith foundation and sense of relationship with God.



Laura shares how participating in Community Lunch has changed her, and is connecting her to God's mission of caring for all people.


Advent Lutheran Church