It is a gift to proclaim the word of God so that people can hear it.

We all have a voice. Using that voice to animate and share the word of God by reading in worship is a wonderful gift to the community. All it takes is reading aloud and being yourself, and yet through that simple act there is no telling the impact of the words you share. Someone in the room may be hearing these words for the first time; someone may be reconnecting with them in a new way; and someone may be hearing them at just the moment they need to.

How it Works

We welcome readers of all abilities and ages. You do not need to be an expert orator to read in worship -- everyone is invited to take part. Once you sign up to be a Lector, you'll be added to our ongoing monthly schedule. You'll have the opportunity to work out what Sundays work best with our lector coordinator, Carolyn. If something comes up and you can't make a Sunday you're scheduled, you can request an alternate. Again, all are welcome to read, so why not give it a try?

Meet the Leaders


Carolyn has volunteered as our Lector Coordinator for several years. She brings a wonderful sense of humor to keep the ministry open and light-hearted, while valuing the special gift of sharing God's Word.