Help people feel comfortable in our space and welcome in our community.

Similar to our Greeters/Ushers, our hospitality volunteers help make visitors feel welcome and accepted here. By talking with visitors and introducing them to a few other people after worship, you can help them feel truly welcome and begin making connections. By answering any questions about where things are or what Advent is like, you help people feel comfortable here. By remembering their name the next time they come, you let them know they are valued. By inviting them to fill out a visitors card, you help us stay connected. Everything our hospitality team does in worship is an vital part of our commitment to share Christ's unconditional love with others.

How it Works

Anyone with a heart for making all people feel welcome is invited to be on our hospitality team. Once you sign up, one of our ministry leaders will show you the ropes. There is no set schedule, but you are invited to live out your call to hospitality whenever you are in worship and notice someone new. All are welcome to be our faces of welcome, so why not give it a try?

Meet the Leaders


Ellie is a long-time member of Advent. She's passionate about making all people feel welcome, social justice, arts & crafts, and children's ministry. She has been involved a wide variety of Advent ministries and Lutheran organizations over the years, and she continues to be an active advocate and caring leader.


Pastor Jim Sudbrock is an associate pastor here at Advent, and also Ellie's husband. While you may see him up front preaching during worship, after worship you'll probably find him in the back of the sanctuary, socializing and introducing new people. You can learn more about him on our staff page.