You can help create an experience of welcome and acceptance for everyone.

When you greet people coming into Advent for worship, you are the first person who can make someone feel welcome and accepted here. Your smile and friendliness become potent tools of love. You can dazzle someone who may not be sure if they are welcome here. For a person walking through our doors for the first time, you can help make them feel comfortable here. You can help lift their anxiety so their worship experience at Advent can be one of acceptance, love, and connecting with God.

How it Works

Anyone with a heart for making all people feel welcome is invited to be a greeter/usher. Once you sign up, one of our ministry leaders will show you the ropes, and you'll be added to our ongoing monthly schedule. You'll have the opportunity to work out what Sundays and service times work best for you with our greeter/usher coordinators. If something comes up and you can't make a Sunday you're scheduled, you can request an alternate. All are welcome to be our faces of welcome, so why not give it a try?

Meet the Leaders


Elba coordinates our Greeters/Ushers at 9am worship. She grew up with her two sisters in the South Bronx, where she helped revitalize the community with music and arts. She's been an Advent member for 10+ years.


Kathy coordinates our Greeters/Ushers at 11am worship. She's been an Advent members for many years, and participates in a variety of ministries and groups.