Learn what our faith is really about.

And learn what your faith is really about.


Confirmation is a two-year program for junior high youth exploring the core teachings of Lutheran faith and the Bible in a series of classes. In May of the second year, students have the opportunity to "affirm their baptism" in worship, in the tradition of Confirmation.

You're Invited

If you're in 6-8th grade, and at all interested in exploring what you believe and learning what the Lutheran faith is all about, you are invited to be part of our Confirmation program. If you want to be confirmed because it is a tradition in your family, you are invited to be part of our Confirmation program.

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About the Classes

Confirmation classes are co-planned and co-taught by a team of pastors, staff, and volunteers. This team collaborates to create dynamic and engaging classes for junior high youth utilizing games, activities, discussions, projects, and various media.


Confirmation Sunday

Students completing their second year of Confirmation Classes this school year will be Confirmed on Sunday, June 3.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does “affirmation” mean?

“Affirm” means to maintain as true, to assert, and to pledge. Here’s another way to think of “affirmation of your baptism.” When you were baptized, very likely you were a baby and your parents brought you to the front of church to be marked as a child of God. It’s an important moment in your life, but – let’s be honest, you didn’t really have much of choice in the matter. When you complete the Confirmation program and are confirmed, you walk to the front of the church yourself, and affirm your faith with your own independence and conviction. This is a big moment for your role in our church, for your personal faith, and for growing up in general.

What is the difference between doing Confirmation classes and being "confirmed"? Enrolling in the Confirmation program is the first step to affirming your faith. It will equip you to answer questions like: Now, as an individual with your own thoughts, what do you believe about the meaning of your baptism? What do you believe about God and Jesus Christ? What do you feel called to do with your faith moving forward? You are confirmed after fully completing two years in the Confirmation program, where you will have the opportunity to build a stronger, more personal understanding what Lutheran faith is really about, discuss faith with your peers, and begin to explore how you can live out your faith in school and in the world.