Holy work, by ordinary people.

As a member of the Altar Guild, you get to help care for our sanctuary, the altar, and this holy place. You may think it takes special people to do this -- but nah, just regular people. You are invited to help care for these things. While they do look nice, the cups and cloths and books are not holy. It's what they’re able to facilitate that is holy: the community among all people who come to Advent, worshiping God, and receiving Holy Communion. And these moments are holy because they include everyone, they are moments when God reaches everyone. To be up at the altar and be able to setup for the community; to know that for the work you’re doing, you’re facilitating people receiving the body and blood, the bread and wine, you’re facilitating people receiving the forgiveness through Communion -- it's an incredible gift. It is grounding and it is beautiful. And you're invited to help do it.


How it Works

Once you sign up for Altar Guild, you can work out how often you're able to help and what Sundays work best with our Altar Guild leader. Our current Altar Guild members will provide all the training and information you need to feel comfortable in the role, and get started. There is an ongoing monthly schedule. If something comes up and you can't make a Sunday you're scheduled, you can request an alternate.


Meet the Leaders


Lynne has been heading up our Altar Guild for many years. When she become part of Advent, she never anticipated volunteering in this way, but now she loves it. She's enthusiastic about sharing all she knows about our space and worship things. She does so combining a fun sense of humor with a passionate attention to detail.