Help lead our community in prayer, song, and worship.

Our Assisting Ministers get to help lead worship right along the pastors. While it takes some training, and a certain level of comfort with speaking and singing in front of people, everyone in our community is invited to learn how to be an assisting minister in worship. Leading in worship is exciting, moving, and a wonderful gift to our community.


How it Works

Once you sign up to be an Assisting Minister, one of our ministry leaders will reach out to you about meeting to go over how it's done. Usually, it's a simple meeting after worship on Sunday. Once you're ready to lead worship for real, you will be added to our ongoing monthly schedule of Assisting Ministers. If something comes up and you can't make a Sunday you're scheduled, you can request an alternate.

Meet the Leaders


Ricki loves bird watching, and being an assisting minister! She'd be happy to show you the ropes.