At our annual retreat in August, we got in touch with how we our unbound and uncontained through movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We studied Acts 16:16-40, prayed and reflected, spent time in community, flew kites, sang, and worshiped together.


After our weekend of reflection, I asked people how they felt Advent is unbound and uncontained through the movement of the Holy Spirit.


Scot thought the #jesuswasrefugee banner we placed outside our building is an example of how we are unbound and uncontained. He also recalled a hymn we sang in worship, “I Will Harbor You,” which specifically welcomes people of all races and sexual orientations into worship and the church.

Kathy said: At Advent faith is not something to keep away, but something to share. People can talk about their faith journeys, doubts, and joys.

She also noted how we are connected to other places and people in the world, like the Navajo Lutheran Mission in Arizona and out sister churches in El Salvador and Tanzania.

Frank and Debbie answered that we are always outward-focused and stretching our resources to do as much as we can. In this way, we moved by the Holy Spirit in a way that makes us unbound and uncontained.

They also cited the mural our high school youth recently painted on the Broadway-facing doors our building.

We are called to always be discerning how the Holy Spirit is moving us to embody God’s love in our community and the world. How do you see the Holy Spirit moving in the ministry of Advent?