Accessibility to all areas of our building is incredibly important to us, as a community committed to welcoming all people.


accessibility challenges

Our building has three levels. (Clearly, our predecessors wanted to maximize precious New York City real estate). For those who have trouble going up and down stairs, we have an elevator located just inside the 93rd street door to assist you in getting to our sanctuary, fellowship hall, and bathrooms.

However, to our dismay, our elevator is becoming quite old, and occasionally needs repairs to keep running. Waiting for these repairs sometimes renders it out-of-commission for a few days. Additionally, it now requires a trained operator to run it.

We sincerely apologize if you ever need to use our elevator and find it turned off or out of order. One of our most earnest building goals is to purchase a new elevator so our whole building can be consistently and reliably accessible to everyone.


accessibility resources

Elevator | All day Sunday and during any scheduled events, we have a staff member on hand to assist anyone needing to use our elevator. The elevator can get you to our sanctuary, fellowship hall, kitchen, and bathrooms without taking any stairs. To find our elevator, enter through the 93rd Street facing door, and you'll find it immediately to your right.

Wheelchair-Accessible Restroom | We have a wheelchair-accessible bathroom located in the basement. To access it, take the elevator down to the bottom level. Go straight down the hallway until you see the kitchen in front of you. Take the hallway to the left of the kitchen to reach the bathroom. (Note: The light switch for the bathroom is in hallway, not the bathroom. The wonders of old electrical wiring.)