property committee

2017 annual report

Respectfully submitted by Property Committee Chair, Madelyn Soussoudis


Committee Goals

The Standing Committee on Property was created to assist and act on behalf of the council in fulfilling its responsibility for maintaining and protecting Advent’s property. Property includes the church structure, the Claremont Street parsonage and the Central Park West apartment. The mission of the Property Committee is to ensure the buildings are clean, well-maintained, functional, secure and safe.  


2017 Summary

Advent has a beautiful historic church building and two parsonages.  We are thankful for these wonderful spaces and are committed to protecting the assets.  

After a two year period when the Property Committee did not meet, in 2017 the committee focused on ensuring the church building is secure and safe.  The church building is classic but it’s also 117 years old and in need of regular care and attention, for our enjoyment and the protection of the community around us.  

It is essential that Sunday and daily schedules be followed to ensure the church building is clean, in good order and fully functioning for the congregation and space sharers.  Procedures must be in place to handle periodic preventive maintenance and upkeep functions like infrastructure and systems inspections, gutter cleaning and safety compliance, as well as to oversee small to medium-sized repair and upgrade projects.    


Plans/Goals for 2018

The Property Committee is in need of new volunteers.

  • We need those who are observant, understand building systems and are available to periodically inspect Church property and equipment.

  • We need those who are able to document policies and procedures on the safe use of equipment and space.

  • We need those who have skills to tackle small repair jobs.

We welcome all volunteers – either to serve on the committee or to work on 1 or 2 specific projects during the year.  



We acknowledge and thank all those who supported the Property Committee during 2017:

  • As members of the committee – Jon Dohlin, Jim Kelly, Tricia Mooneyham, Madelyn Soussoudis, Pastor Danielle Miller, Lauren Johnson, Joe Jones, Josh Weidmann (former Building Manager),  Ann Tiemeyer (Interim Pastor)

  • As other Staff supporting the committee –  Sunday Sexton, Custodian and Event Coordinators.

We also thank volunteers who committed time to the spring sanctuary cleanup, review of the Advent Kitchen Rules and Regulations Guide and participation in the stove use safety training.


Respectfully submitted by,

Madelyn Soussoudis