personnel committee

2017 annual report

Respectfully submitted by Personnel Committee Chair, Ellen Pollan


Committee Goals

The Advent Personnel Committee conducts an annual assessment of the structure and capacity of the staff to fulfill the church’s mission and vision.  The committee serves the Church Council in an advisory capacity on issues related to personnel administration and assures compliance with Advent’s policies. It does not exist to provide managerial or leadership oversight to the staff team as that is the work of the senior pastor. Annual assessments are undertaken as part of a strategic process, facilitated by a team, to assist Advent in taking a critical look at programming in the context of choices related to mission, and to determine the staffing, systems and structures that will best support our future directions.


2017 Summary

The Personnel Committee had the privilege of  welcoming Pastor Danielle to leadership and answering her questions as applicable to personnel matters it is a work in progress.

At the close of 2017, the team undertook interviews each of the employees at Advent to ascertain best practices, goals for the future and share ideas for future planning.  We made our recommendations to Council and hope all is approved as suggested but stand ready to make adjustments as may be necessary.

Plans/Goals for 2018

The Committee will continue to try and keep accurate records and keep open lines of communication as well as offer insight and stability as we welcome a new pastor.   I hope Advent can offer opportunities for leadership training and professional development as a means to keep each employee engaged and acknowledge her/his/their value to our community.



Given that this past year was one of transition we acknowledge the dedication of Pastor Ann and the dedicated group of parishioners that supported her and prepared the pathway for Pastor Danielle and her family.  We acknowledge the contributions of Damaris Maclean in her role as outgoing Council president and her boundless energy and support to the Personnel committee during the transition.    Carolyn Greene, Laura O’Keefe, Maurice Johnson and Damaris Maclean hold a high standard of expectation for our committee and I am honored to serve as chair.     


Respectfully submitted by,

Ellen M Pollan