equipo el salvador

2017 annual report

Respectfully submitted by Norma Martin


Ministry Goals

Equipo El Salvador raises awareness at Advent about the Lutheran Church in El Salvador, and develops support for the church there.


2017 Summary

In April we celebrated El Salvador Sunday.  The pastor of our sister congregation, Pueblo de Dios in Calderitas, Christian Chavarria, was unable to be with us in person this year, but we showed a video he sent us giving the congregation some idea of the work of the church in Calderitas.

We were blessed to have a delegation of eight people travel to El Salvador in July. Equipo El Salvador and the people of Pueblo de Dios are grateful to the Advent Mission Fund, which contributed $3,300 to Pueblo de Dios to build a bathroom facility next to the church building.  Delegates observed the progress of the work.  Having a real bathroom instead of a latrine is better for the health and safety of the congregation and the community, and has helped foster continued growth of the congregation.

In October the delegation reported to the congregation about the delegation at a coffee hour, and an adult conversation hour.


Plans/Goals for 2018

Our most important goal this year is to strengthen our relationship with our sister congregation in Calderitas, and increase communications with the community there.   We request that all Advent members pray for peace, justice, and an increase in effective government in El Salvador; and for Pastor Christian Chavarria and our sister community.

We will celebrate El Salvador Sunday on April 15, 2018.  Our guest preacher will be Pastor Christian Chavarria.  We are praying that Pastor Christian’s health will enable him to travel in April.

We will have a transformational travel trip to El Salvador from July 3 to July 11.  We will visit Calderitas, and sites that will help delegates learn about the history and culture of El Salvador.  We will also have one surprise day planned by Pastor Christian!  



We are grateful to Pastor Danielle Miller for her guidance and support, to Pastor Gary Mills for translation assistance and guidance; the Council and Mission Fund for their support; and to the entire Advent community for its generous support.


Respectfully submitted by,

Norma Martin