Our LGTBQIA members are a community bringing acceptance, inclusivity, and relevance to church in powerful ways.


Here is a space to gather, support each other, and explore the ways LGTBQIA individuals and the LGTBQIA community will continue to enrich, embolden, and the church, here at Advent and beyond. Our LGTBQIA group meets for brunch at a group member's home every other month, in addition to special events and opportunities throughout the year.


You are invited.

If you are LGTBQIA, know that you are wholeheartedly invited to participate, connect, serve, and lead in every aspect of our worship and ministry. There are many ways to do that besides this group. Our LGTBQIA Group serves as a more intimate space of community and support for our LGTBQIA members -- members who are also engaged at Advent at pastors, deacons, assistant ministers, council members, ministry leaders, and volunteers. Your are invited to a community of acceptance and support both in this group and at Advent. Click below to get in touch with our LGTBQIA Group leader and get in the loop on upcoming gatherings.

Thank you to Andrew Robles for the beautiful photo on this page.