We offer food for college students to gather around while developing faith and community.


Our LaMP Cooks make home-cooked meals for the weekly LaMP gatherings on Monday nights near Columbia University. LaMP (which stands for Lutherans, Methodists and Presbyterians and friends) is a progressive, ecumenical, LGBTQIA-inclusive Christian community of college and graduate students. These meals gather students into conversation about life and faith, but also the reality is that there are a lot of college students who are really hungry. We shouldn't be the ones to assume and judge who is in need and who isn't. So to provide a home-cooked meal, to give students that sense of a welcoming community, and provide them with a feeling of home -- it's a simple and meaningful way to make a difference in young people's lives.

LaMP Dinner 1.jpg


How it Works

Our LaMP cooks take turns providing the main dish for 15-20 college students every Monday. When it's your week to provide the meal, you can simply prepare a dish at home and drop it off at Advent (in the kitchen downstairs) by Monday. Pastor Becca will pick it up and bring it to LaMP Monday night.

Meet the Leader


Pastor Becca is Executive Director of Lutheran Ministries in Higher Education and co-leader of LaMP. She is passionate about working with young adults who are asking questions about God and what gives our lives meaning and purpose. In her free time, Becca enjoys running and biking in Central Park, hanging out with her wife, Abby, planning elaborate theme parties and attempting absurdly complicated craft projects. She holds a Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School and a Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University.