Sunday, August 27th, 2017


Today was a day of swelling music, Christian rock paper scissors, environmental advocacy, and exploring how God is our rock and our foundation. Even when life is chaotic, what keeps you grounded and gives you peace? 


In today's sermon, Pastor Gary explores how Christ is the rock on which we build up our church and our lives. He explains how through Christ, we can become better people and work as a whole to better our society. Not by worrying about our own perfection, but by trusting in God, working together, and letting the Holy Spirit work through us.

Watch the full sermon video here.


In today's adult conversation, Advent member Dart Westphal led us in a discussion about local environmental advocacy in upper Manhattan. We learned about a number of great advances in environmental health (things like cleaner air), and problems we are still facing in making this are healthy for everyone who calls it home. Lastly, we considered joining WeAct, a local organization dedicated to climate action and public health in northern Manhattan. 

You can learn more about WeAct on their website.


After 12:45 pm Worship in Spanish, Dolores handed out more copies of our new Member and Friends directory. If you haven't gotten one, we still have more copies available in the church office. 


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