Assembly at 9am, distrubition at 10:30am the 1st Saturday of every month



Basement Fellowship Hall


Come get a bag of groceries, filled to the brim with essentials and produce.


Take it home and cook up a meal for family, friends, or yourself. Make it stretch a week so you can save money for life's many other expenses. Share it with a neighbor. Whatever your needs, you are welcome to come here and share in God's abundance every first Saturday of the month. We put together 150 bags of groceries to give to anyone who asks. You don't have to show ID, proof of low income, or come to a Bible study. Showing up is enough. You are a loved and valued just as you are, as a child of God. Accepting a little help does not make you any less in our eyes -- it's a natural, holy, wonderful part of being a community. We are all struggling and seeking in some ways, all blessed in others, and all called to love and help one another. You deserve these gifts, and we joyfully share them.


Come share these gifts of food with our community.

We are called to feed people, and we are called to love our neighbors without judgement or limitations. Food Pantry is our living out of God's call to feed anyone who needs it. It is our work toward a reality where no person experiences hunger, no person worries about where to find their next meal, no parent struggles to feed their children, and no child takes on school undernourished and tired. God loves everyone, and everyone deserves to be fed and nourished. We seek to be vehicles of God's unconditional love for all by sharing our resources, and getting God's abundant gifts of food into the hands of people who need them. Come be part of that work. Anyone is invited to volunteer at our Food Pantry, and help assemble and distribute grocery bags to the community.



How it Works

Volunteers arrive at 9am on Saturday morning to assemble the bags of groceries.

Led by our Food Pantry coordinator of 10+ years, volunteers begin unboxing and unwrapping food items, organizing them along tables for assembly, and going down the line one bag at a time to assemble 150 identical bags of food essentials, canned goods, and produce. Volunteers include kids, teens, and adults; Advent members, community members, and friends; English-speakers and Spanish-speakers. Everyone is welcome to volunteer.


Distribution of the groceries goes from 10:30am - 11:30am.

All are welcome to come get a bag of groceries during this time on the first Saturday of every month. No requirements, only food and smiles. Many people volunteer and also take home a bag of groceries. Some arrive early and wait outside the side door on 93rd street until 10:30am, and others arrive close to 11:30am to catch the last few bags. However you feel comfortable, you are welcome to this food and to this community.

Meet the Leader


Frankie is a parent and a member of our congregation. She has been coordinating our Food Pantry for over 10 years.