12-1pm the 4th Saturday of every month. In November and December, it's the 3rd Saturday. View calendar.



The Basement Fellowship Hall


Community Lunch is about making and sharing food with love.


Community Lunch is not your typical soup kitchen. Everybody who comes through the doors is a welcome guest, served and treated with great respect, and part of the community. This meal is warm, delicious, and lovingly prepared by people who love to cook and love to serve. This meal is for everybody. Whatever your situation, there is a seat at the table for you. Our lunch is lovingly prepared and served by many volunteers, and you are equally welcome to help make Community Lunch happen every month.


People hunger for more than food, and Community Lunch feeds more than just stomachs.


Community Lunch fills more than just a physical need. It also helps to fill loneliness, for everyone involved. For people who hunger for connection, meaning, and opportunities to care for others, and for people experiencing isolation of any kind for whatever reason -- Community Lunch is a reminder that you are loved and valued and dignified, that human connection and community are here for you, to restore you and support you. Food will digest and stomachs will grow hungry again. The love and community shared here is invaluable and enduring.



How it Works

We utilize the website SignUp.com to organize our Community Lunch volunteers. There are three shifts to choose from, and several months of Community Lunches are open for signups so you can plan ahead. Click below to go to SignUp.com and sign up for a Community Lunch! You are welcome to the table and to the kitchen.

Meet the Leader


Deacon Carlos is a doctor and a student of faith. He is long-time member and prolific leader in our congregation and the community.