music Ministry

2017 annual report

Respectfully submitted by Music Ministry Director, Frank Martignetti


Ministry Goals

The Music Ministry exists to serve and enhance the worship life of Advent Lutheran Church. The volunteers and staff of the Music Ministry work cooperatively to integrate diverse and well-performed music into Advent’s worship services, to help each member of the congregation to worship God more deeply.

The Advent Chorale, under the caring and skilled leadership of Aaron Wunsch, rehearses weekly and sings at three services a month, presenting an anthem chosen to illuminate that week’s Scripture readings, and supporting the congregation’s voice in hymns, songs, and liturgical music. The Sunday Singers contribute to Sunday services on a periodic basis, generally once a month, providing a choral opportunity with a minimal time commitment that is friendly to singers at any level of prior experience.


2017 Summary

The music staff (myself, Aaron, and Michelle Alvarado) provided musical leadership for the approximately 170 worship services held at Advent in 2017.  A personal high point was our Reformation Hymn Festival in February, which attracted visitors from around the synod.

This summer, Kevin Bowen, Josh Weidmann, and myself relocated the sound system controls from the balcony to the rear font-side office. This was challenging, but worth it. It has made it much easier to adjust sound levels accurately. We also replaced all cabling running from the sound system to the speakers, and, in December, replaced the wireless microphones used by pastors and assisting ministers. This has resulted in significantly improved functionality at a very modest cost. Handy volunteers are needed to make the cabling running to the speakers appear less obtrusive and more attractive; could that be you?

2017 was another strong year for music in worship at Advent, with the Chorale successfully tackling beautiful, varied, meaningful, and increasingly complex repertoire. The members of the Chorale have been a strong presence in worship, both as an ensemble and on their own as soloists. Aaron and I are extremely grateful for the dedication and constancy of all those in the Chorale. The Sunday Singers have added beauty to Sunday worship once a month while providing a low-commitment, fun, and accessible outlet for choral singing. We continued to have a variety of members grace our worship with solo selections. Please speak to me at any time to become involved in any of these aspects of our music ministry.

Music Mondays, under the visionary leadership of Aaron Wunsch and Norma Martin, continued to draw capacity crowds to our sanctuary to hear exquisite music. We have also seen a significant uptick in the number of musicians and ensembles sharing space at Advent. Musicians are seeking to do projects at Advent due to its beautiful appearance and acoustics, as well as its welcome to performers. This provides a service to our community, generates revenue in support of our ministry, and builds public awareness of our congregation.


I am grateful to all of the pastors and staff, the Council, and Personnel Committee for their continued support of the music ministry, as well as the Property Committee for their understanding of instrument maintenance needs. In covering and uncovering the organ for the stonework taking place next door, we learned that the instrument will require repair of two ranks of pipes in the immediate future. This is the first significant maintenance the instrument has required since being installed at Advent in 2000.

Advent’s music ministry has always evolved as new people have entered our community and brought their talents and gifts with them. In 2018, I look forward to seeing what this brings to our life together in song!


Respectfully submitted,

Frank Martignetti

Director of Music Ministries