Come meet new people.

"I've met so many people from different schools and environments that I wouldn't normally hang out with. Being in Youth Group solidified those relationships and now I have so many friends that will always have my back, just like I have theirs."

- Nicole Gugulski


Come have fun.

We keep finding new ways to have fun here at church. From cooking to reverse hide-and-seek in the dark, from over-the-top art projects to chill card games, we create a space to get a break from stress and be with friends in a safe, accepting place.


Come make a difference.

We believe your voice and perspective are important to our community, and the world. We believe you can make a difference in this church, the community, and beyond -- here and now. And we want to help you do it, along with friends, and the support of a diverse community of families and adults here at Advent.



Meet the Leaders

Our high school youth ministry is led by Kevin Bowen, who serves on our staff as the Youth Ministry Coordinator and Communications Coordinator. Click here to read about Kevin on our staff page, or click here to get in touch with him.