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Visioning Process

New Report: The Vision Team has released an Initial Distilling Report. The report distills 77 pages of notes, from 36+ hours of Listening Small Group with 70 people, into a 10-page document of patterns, insights, and themes. We invite you to read the document, and join us for a discussion at 10am or 12pm on Sunday, June 23 in the Community Hall. The Vision Team will incorporate the congregation’s feedback, and continue working over the summer to produce a final Mission & Vision report.

Synod Assembly

The Metropolitan New York Synod elected a new Bishop at the Synod Assembly from May 16-19, 2019. Read a full report on the Synod Assembly. from Pastor Danielle.

Council Minutes

Minutes of our monthly Congregation Council meeting are updated through May. Council’s next meeting will be Wednesday, June 19.

Strategic Planning Teams

Self-Identification Process Now Open: Council has opened the self-identification process for 4 strategic planning teams — a Strategic Planning Team, Spatial Planning Team, Financial Planning Team, and Wordsmith Team — from now through June 18. All Advent members are invited to self-identify to serve. From those who self-identify, Council will discerningly assemble the teams by the end of June.

Immigration Welcome Center Grant

We were recently awarded a $200,000 grant from the Metropolitan New York Synod toward building renovations to support bringing together and growing our existing ministries in an Immigration Welcome Center. What a reason to celebrate!?

We have secured a potential asset to empower our ministry, but what we do will be determined by our strategic planning process.

Call Process

Here’s the latest update: The Call Committee has met and is actively interviewing candidates for our 2nd pastor, following Pastor Gary’s retirement July 31. With each candidate, the committee is careful to lift up our visioning process.

Community Culture

On Sunday, May 19, we held additional Listening Sessions with 25 Advent members to check-in on the last year, and talk about our hopes for community culture in the meetings and decisions moving forward. Thank you for the concern, openness, honest, love, and respect of everyone who participated in these groups.

New update: A report from these sessions is taking a little longer than we would have liked, as we are still waiting on some notes, but we plan to share some learnings and feedback soon.