Sunday School

Connecting all kinds of New York City families in a community of love, learning, and service.



10:05-10:55am every Sunday



Meets at the front of the sanctuary



You're invited!

Sunday School connects all kinds of New York City families in a supportive, caring community exploring faith and serving others together. We'd love to have your family be part of that community! We'd love to share more about what's happening at Sunday School with you, and personally invite you to join us. You're invited to say hello to our Sunday School leader, and get in the loop. Or, scroll down to learn more.


growing up in a community of love


We welcome children into a diverse, accepting community that makes loving everyone a foundational way of life with others.

Through Sunday School, and many other ways at Advent, we invite children to know the unconditional, always-present love of God. We strive to reflect this love in our community, that all children may feel loved, valued, and never alone. We teach a way of being in the world and living with others that is rooted in this unconditional love for all people from God through Jesus Christ.


Teaching the rhythms of faith and church


We help children and families grow into the rhythms of worship, prayer, scripture, and service.

Sunday School makes the many practices and elements of Lutheran faith become an intuitive part of life through engaging teaching, regular practice, and supportive community.


Equipping parents with community and resources


We support parents with a community of faith, and faith resources to bring home.

Being a parent in New York City is challenging, as you probably already know if you're reading this page. We invite you to a supportive community of parents with shared hopes for their children to learn how to love everyone, serve others, and understand who God is and what Christian faith is about. In addition to Sunday School, we hope to provide resources for families that take faith beyond the walls of our church, into the home, and into the world.