Set up Automatic Giving


Set it up automatic recurring giving once, and keep it out of mind for the rest of the summer. It only take a few minutes to setup through our giving service, Vanco. Get started >


Text Giving


Add our giving number to your contacts, and text a gift at any time.

Our number is 917-994-8568. Just text the amount you want to give (i.e. "10").

The first time you text, you'll be prompted to do a little setup to connect to your Vanco account or add a debit card. It takes less than 5 minutes.

After that, it's as easy as one text!


Get a Thrivent Action Grant


Thrivent is a membership organization of Christians that helps members be wise with money so they can live generously, creating stronger members, families, and communities.

For an associate membership fee of only $20, you can apply for a $250 action grant to lead or support a service project at Advent of your choosing. This means your money goes further and results directly in service to our church and community. Apply for membership >

If you're already a Benefit or Associate Thrivent member, you can apply for an action grant for your project today! Apply now >


Give with Amazon Smile


Buy things on Amazon? Setup an Amazon Smile account and choose Advent Lutheran Church in New York, NY as your charity recipient. Then, all the things you buy on Amazon anyway will also give us a small donation!