We are


The example of Jesus’ welcoming all people remains at the heart of our community. We celebrate your identity as a gift from God. We are committed to being an inclusive and accepting place for all people, with no exceptions. As an extension of that, we are inclusive of diverse perspectives, worship experiences, and ideas.


Latino, African, Asian, European . . . our congregation includes a diverse array of cultural identities and origins. Being part of this community means getting to share your own culture and experience others. Our diverse identities and traditions breathe a vibrant life into our worship, conversations, events, and ministry.


Our congregation includes people of all sexual orientations, all gender identities, and all economic, marital, and legal statuses. We value our Lutheran tradition, but we are open to new ways of doing things. We include people of all lifestyles and backgounds, and strive to listen without judgment to each other’s beliefs and unbeliefs.


Whether serving our community through a monthly food pantry and community lunch, reaching out to the wider world through various global ministry initiatives, or working toward social justice through supportive resources and advocacy -- we are committed to putting our faith into action, serving the world, and making an impact.


you're invited


We invite you to live as part of a diverse and dynamic Christian community. We pray you will feel support and love here that will make a profound difference in your life.

Individual communities of faith, such as Advent, can each shed a particular light on what it means to be Christian in today’s world. Our gospel message is of worship and service, lived out in a community of faith. From feeding the hungry to being open to all sorts of worship experiences, from welcoming people of many different lifestyles to listening without judgment to each other’s beliefs and unbeliefs, from supporting each other in prayer to searching out ways to further the cause of economic and political justice, we are a community.

Come and live life as part of a Christian community. The support and love you receive here may make all the difference in how you live your life.