Las Vegas & A Confession

by pastor danielle

Yesterday we woke up to the worst shooting in America, since the last one. Like many of you, upon hearing the news, I was frightened, heartbroken, angry and once again feeling uncertain about how to move forward. When something like this happens we ask ourselves, how can this be? Yet if we are being honest with ourselves, we aren’t all that surprised . . . Read more >


Celebration Sunday: Re-Formation

sunday, october 29

Don't miss this special Sunday when we'll celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by exploring the past and future of the church through worship, intergenerational crafting, and fun together as a whole community. Learn more about the theme of the day, what special things we'll be doing, and how you can help in this article. Learn more >


A Marathon of Milestones

Stories, Sermons, and Pictures

In just one Sunday, Pastor Sudbrock preached on the 56th anniversary of his ordination; Pastor Sarah Brown baptized her own granddaughter; we celebrated the life of Alicia Papaleo, a pillar of this church for decades; and, we formally installed Pastor Danielle as the senior pastor of our congregation. Explore pictures, sermons, and stories from the day >



Look through past Sundays' sermons, photos, stories, and more -- all in one place. Whether catching up, looking back, reflecting further, or sharing with a friend, this is a place to continue growing from what happens on Sundays throughout the week.


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