Clarity on the Margins

An Advent season devotion

Step into the perspective of the voiceless, and see clearly how Christ remains a radical and much-needed inbreaking of love and hope this Christmas. Watch video >


The Giving Tree

gifts for the christ child

The message everywhere is that this holiday season is all about us. But as Christians, we know this Advent/Christmas season is in fact all about God and God’s gift of love and mercy through Jesus. And so, let's give gifts this year to the Christ Child. Read more >


Sunday Morning Worship Times on Christmas Eve

Please note they're different than usual

One English worship at 10am, and Spanish worship at 12pm. Why? Learn more >


Thanks-Giving Video Series

Hear different Advent members give thanks for how God is at work in their lives through this faith community in a series of short videos. Explore our 7 Thanks-Giving videos >


Troubling the Waters

Moving from Privilege to Partnership

Beginning January 23rd, Advent will launch a 6-month study for white Christians, exploring the role that white privilege and internalized white superiority has in shaping attitudes, belief systems, cultures and those of the church and society at large. Learn more >


An Advent Season Playlist

Over the years, as a spiritual practice, I’ve collected an Advent soundtrack to help me get ready and stay firmly rooted in the Advent season!  These are some of my favorites…what are yours? Read more >



Look through past Sundays' sermons, photos, stories, and more -- all in one place. Whether catching up, looking back, reflecting further, or sharing with a friend, this is a place to continue growing from what happens on Sundays throughout the week.


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