Our Mission


Offer radically unconditional acceptance and love to everyone.

We believe God's love is for absolutely everyone, just as they are, without any conditions. We seek to embody that acceptance and love for all people. We believe we must especially proclaim God's love for people of races, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, nationalities, citizenship and marital statuses, and abilities who fall victim to discrimination, exclusion, hatred, and isolation in our society. Our hope is for all people to be valued for who they are, to feel truly connected to community, and to share their gifts to make difference.


Foster togetherness, understanding, and groundedness among people from all walks of life.

To us, community means both the connectedness of shared mission and values, and the vibrancy of many differences coexisting in love. We're energized by both the causes we work toward together, and the diverse perspectives and backgrounds we engage with and welcome in each other. We are lively. We are welcoming. And we are growing. We bring our differences together to make enlightening connections and enhance the diversity of our community.


Empower people to share their gifts and make a difference.

We are dedicated to building and sharing our faith through worship, small group ministry, outreach, and service. Our worship services inspire through words; they renew spirits and strengthen community through music, sacrament, and prayer -- so our community leaves empowered to serve others and impact the world. Our ministries and groups provide space for discussion to flow, relationships to grow, and our mission of service to take shape.


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