We wholeheartedly invite you to participate fully in worship, service, fellowship, teaching, and leadership here at Advent. We celebrate your unique gifts and believe you can make a difference. Join us as we seek to foster acceptance, love, and support to in and beyond our community.


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A place for every member of the family to grow together.

Babies, children, teens, and parents all connect in faith and community here. Click a program below to learn more.

Sunday School - after-school program - Confirmation - Youth Group - internship

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Groups for everyone to learn and connect.

College students or retirees, Bible studiers and community-seekers, we have a variety of groups for you to join.

College Students - 20s/30s Group - LGTBQ Group - Adult Faith Formation - Adventurous Adventonians - midday bible study

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Intergenerational programs bringing everyone closer.

Who says we have to group everyone by age all the time -- God is bringing us all together!

Congregational Retreat - One Voice choir

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Seven different ways you can help in worship.

Worship is something we do as a community. So we rely on a big group of volunteers to make worship happen every week. Whether you like being up front leading or lending a hand behind the scenes, you can help too.

Altar guild - Lectors - Greeters/Ushers - Chalice Bearers - Hospitality - flower arrangers - Assisting Minister

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Help us share food and love with our community.

If you're looking to serve the community, or just love to cook, our food ministries are the place for you.

Community Lunch - Food Pantry - LaMP Cooks

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For makers, listeners, and lovers of music.

Two styles of choir groups, special music opportunities, a coffee-house-style open mic, and free monthly concerts.

Advent Chorale - Music Mondays - ONe Voice Intergenerational Choir - Special Music


Building bilingual community.

People who speak different languages can worship, make a difference, and have fun together. We strive to intentionally build community across language barriers through bilingual programming in English and Spanish.

Sunday Lunches - Conversational Spanish classes - English as a second language classes

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Teach, mentor, and share what you know in our community.

Are you being called to teach Sunday School, help with algebra homework, or mentor a young person? Or to present a topic in our Adult Conversation? Let us know if you are interested in teaching or mentoring.

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Provide spiritual care from near and far.

Our prayer ministry team prays for our community throughout their week, receiving prayer requests through the convenience of email.

Prayer Ministry

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Share your leadership and perspective with our congregation.

From our Congregational Council to a variety of committees, our church relies on leaders to guide us. And our leaders are all just regular members. Could you be one? Detailed pages coming soon. Until then, let us know if you are interested in being on Council or a committee.


Advocate for social justice and equality.

Our Advent Advocates is a newly-formed group is about sharing and taking part in advocacy opportunities. Details and a full page coming soon.

The Lutheran Church Abroad

We accompany two "sister churches," one in El Salvador and one in Tanzania, through prayer, communication, relationship- building, and support. Learn more.

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Help make ministry happen during the week.

Whether helping out in our main office, with a project in our building, or working on this website, there's ways for you to share your time and gifts with this congregation. Let us know if you are interested in helping out with our office staff.


In God, the possibilities are endless.

Have an idea for a new ministry or group? Let us know.