Leroy Tucker

Sunday Sexton & Event Coordinator


Contact leroy

The best time to touch base with Leroy is downstairs on Sunday mornings.


What do you do at Advent?

I make sure the church is running smoothly on Sunday mornings, and assist everyone who comes into the church.


Why do you do what you do?

This is God's house. Anything pertaining to this place and the people who come in here is important to me.


Why Advent?

Advent opens its arms to everyone, every race, color, Gender identity, sexual orientation, every background -- even people of other faiths are part of our community.


Talk to me about

Sunday morning coffee, water, and refreshments, setting up a space. what our congregation is like, where things are in the building, running the elevator, social issues, homelessness situations, where you can go to find help, Facebook live, and music.


When I'm not at Advent, you'll most likely find me

At my other job supervising facilities for the Manny Cantor Center and Education Alliance. Also, volunteering and helping out friends.

Leroy Tucker is an active community member, and a member of Advent for over 20 Years. In addition to his current role, Leroy has been active in our ministry in all kinds of ways. He played an instrumental role in starting what became our Community Lunch and Food Pantry ministries.


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