Note: I need more time to do this page properly. Still waiting on info from Linda which should come soon. But, below is some very -- very -- partial, brainstorm-y stuff I apparently wrote awhile ago. It starts to sort of give you a gist of where this page is going.


Our Building

It secure ours building and space, which provides a space for worship and community on Sunday. A space for learning, for meetings, for advocacy, for community, for prayer, and more throughout the week. Real estate in New York City is a premium and we are blessed to be nestled in the heart of the Upper West Side. We are blessed to have a beautiful, historical building set on land purchased long ago -- but an old, historical building also comes with significant repair costs and renovations to keep it serving our congregation and the community today.


Our Pastors

Providing spiritual guidance through weekly sermons, pastoral care to our community, and dedicated leadership of the whole congregation.


Our Office Staff

The lifeblood of our ministry is really our congregants and lay leaders who lead over 40 ministries here -- but it's our staff who knits it all together and keeps all of this coordinated through day-to-day operations.

Zachary | Office Administrator

"I talk with dozens of ministry leaders and congregants every day, coordinating between them in collaboration with the pastors. I manage our member database, our volunteer rosters, our weekly worship bulletins, and . . . the list could go on and on. The office is the busy hub of everything coming into being here. The sanctuary, fellowship hall, and the community is where all that coordination bears fruit."


Kevin | Communications Coordinator

"Telling to the story of all our ministries, and opening the doors for people to get connected and involved in no small task. We have so much going on. My aim is make it clear, simple, and substantial. And also, to make sure news reaches everyone, and that information and opportunities are accessible to everyone.