Food Pantry

First Saturday of every month at 10:30am

Community Lunch

4th Saturday of every month at 12pm (except in November and December, when it's the 3rd SaturdaY)


Come get a bag of groceries, filled to the brim with essentials and produce.

Take it home and cook up a meal for family, friends, or yourself. Make it stretch a week so you can save money for life's many other expenses. Share it with a neighbor.

Whatever your needs, you are welcome to come here and share in God's abundance every first Saturday of the month. We put together 150 bags of groceries to give to anyone who asks. You don't have to show ID, proof of low income, or come to a Bible study. Showing up is enough. You are a loved and valued just as you are, as a child of God.

Accepting a little help does not make you any less in our eyes -- it's a natural, holy, wonderful part of being a community. We are all struggling and seeking in some ways, all blessed in others, and all called to love and help one another. You deserve these gifts, and we joyfully share them.


Community Lunch is about making and sharing food with love.

Community Lunch is not your typical soup kitchen. Everybody who comes through the doors is a welcome guest, served and treated with great respect, and part of the community.

This meal is warm, delicious, and lovingly prepared by people who love to cook and love to serve. This meal is for everybody. Whatever your situation, there is a seat at the table for you. Our lunch is lovingly prepared and served by many volunteers, and you are equally welcome to help make Community Lunch happen every month.

Come join us for a delicious meal, and a taste of community.