Our Mission Fund extends the social mission of the church, provides long-term mission support, and cultivates future generosity.


The Mission Fund seeks to provide long-term support of church and community ministries. Through the Mission Fund, we have been able to support amazing, impactful work that other organizations are envisioning and growing. Past grant recipients include the West Side Campaign Against Hunger, the Collateral Repair Project serving Syrian refugees in Jordan, Mwangaza Partnership for Education in Tanzania, and many more.


Do you represent or know of an organization doing great social work?


Apply for a grant from our Mission Fund! We'd love to learn more about your mission and vision, and we hope we can support it. Learn more about the criteria and process of applying for a grant from our Mission Fund below.


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Distribution Categories

Advent Mission funds are distributed annually under five categories:

  • Poverty

  • Education and Mission Trips

  • Lutheran Partners

  • Crisis Recovery

  • New Advent Ministry Initiatives (start up funds)

The Mission Fund Committee welcomes proposals from organizations that can effectively reach out to a community in need in three or more of these five categories.


The Mission Fund Committee considers applications that:

  • Reach out to those in need in three or more of the distribution categories,

  • Encourage the personal involvement of Advent members

  • Have received less than two (2) prior grants from the Advent Mission Fund

  • Are sponsored by a tax exempt charitable organization

  • Fit the mission of Advent Lutheran Church

Applications for on-going operating support, including salaries, will not be considered.Grants will not be awarded in the names of individuals. All individuals must be sponsored by an established charitable organization.


Past Recipients


Application proposals should be a minimum of $1,000, but not more than $20,000.
The total amount of funding available may vary each year. The amounts allocated to each category will also vary depending upon the number of approved applications, how well they meet the mission’s objectives, and other considerations from the Mission Fund Committee and the Advent Lutheran Church Council.

Please note: In 2017 we received 16 applications with requests totalling $307,400.  We funded 10. The average grant was $4087. In 2016 we received 20 applications with requests totalling $370,000,  We funded 9. The average grant was $4729.

Application Timeline

February 1 - April 15 | Grant applications are accepted. The Mission Fund Committee must receive all grant applications by the April 15th deadline via mail delivery to Advent Lutheran Church. Exceptions or extensions will not be granted.

May 15 | By this date, the Mission Fund Committee will review all applications and submit recommendations to the Advent Lutheran Church Council.

May 31 | By this dateChurch Council will review and approve final grant recipients and amounts.

Early June | Applicants will be notified of the decisions.

June 15 | By this date, we will disburse the funds for approved applications.

*Backup Cycle | In addition to the regular processing cycle, there is an optional backup cycle accepting applications between July 1st and September 30th for the backup cycle. The backup cycle will take place at the sole discretion of Advent Lutheran Church if annual funds are not fully distributed during the regular cycle. Applicants turned down in the regular cycle are not eligible during the backup cycle.

Application Requirements

The Mission Fund Committee seeks to learn about each organization, its hopes and plans. A review of financial needs and fiscal condition will be necessary as well.


What to Submit

Your application package must have seven (7) complete sets of the following three (3) items. Submissions that do not include seven full packets of these three (3) items cannot be reviewed.

  • Application Form
    Download the Mission Fund Application. Note: If you received a grant in the prior funding cycle, in the previous accomplishments section please provide information about how the funds were used, challenges, and outcomes.

  • Financial Budget and Plans
    A detailed budget or financial plan for the current year and your proposed budget or financial plan for next year.
    Note: The budget information is for the program receiving the grant, not the sponsoring organization.

  • Business Appendices
    Proof of 501(c)(3) status
    Copy of annual report


How to Submit Your Application

Please mail the entire package within the application submission period (February 1 - April 15) to:

Advent Lutheran Church

Attn: Advent Mission Fund Committee

2504 Broadway

New York, NY 10025


How to Format Your Application

Please make life easier for our volunteers on the Mission Fund Committee by respecting our standard formatting requirements.

  • Font | 11pt Arial or 12pt Times New Roman

  • Paper Size | 8.5 x 11 inch paper

  • Length | No more than 4 printed pages

  • Footer | Your Organization Name should appear at the bottom of each page.

  • Title Everything Clearly | Be sure to title each section of the requested information with the application title/name. Failure to do so may make your application appear to be incomplete and thus rejected.

  • Don't Modify Sections | Application information should be presented in a continuous manner as displayed in the application form. Please do not create new application sections, add attachments that are not requested, or redirect the reader to look in other sections or documents for further information.

  • No Extras, Please | Other non-essential information or flyers should not be submitted.

  • Double-Sided | Optional, but encouraged (Let's save paper!)

  • Optional Pictures | You may include up to 2 pictures that represent the activities of your project. If you include pictures, be sure to include copies in all seven (7) sets of your application package. Also be sure to enclose the name of the organization and contact person with the photos.

  • Incomplete Applications | Incomplete applications will not be considered. Each application set must include the application form, financial budget and plan, financial statements, and optional pictures. Your application package must have seven (7) sets of these items.


Site Visit

As part of the Advent Mission Fund Committee review, the Committee may request a site visit.



Questions about funding proposals may be directed to the Advent Mission Fund Committee at missionfund@adventnyc.org

Download the Application Form


How it started

In 2009, the congregation of Advent Lutheran Church approved the Advent Mission Fund, whose initial funding came from a generous bequest from the estate of Jacob Moeller. The vision of the Advent Mission Fund was (and still is) to provide long-term support of church and community ministries. The Advent Mission Fund made its first distributions in 2010. The fund intends to grow through investments and additional gifts.

Charitable Giving

Would you be interested in supporting or enhancing great ministries and organizations through a gift to the Mission Fund? Please contact missionfund@adventnyc.org. The committee can provide information about current giving as well as planned and future gifts.


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