Every Monday from 3pm - 4:30pm



Basement Community Hall


Education is essential to making your way in the world. We welcome all children to our After-School Program, a supportive community that helps children succeed in school.


Our After-School program offers free, one-on-one tutoring and homework help, and also teaches studying skills and learning strategies. But it goes beyond that -- we give children a supportive community to help them take on the challenges of school. Our After-School Program volunteers follow Jesus' example of welcoming and caring about children in their commitment to this program, and their patience in mentoring all students who come through the door.



You're invited to join as a student or volunteer.


Whether you're interested in getting some focused, supervised, community-oriented homework time for your child; or volunteering to be an After-School program mentor, you are invited. We're equipped to offer homework help for children ages 5-12. Volunteers come from all kinds of backgrounds, academic and non-academic. You do not need to be a tutor or an expert in any subject to volunteer -- just bring your patience and willingness to help. We invite you to learn more from our ministry leader, Barbara, and join us on Monday afternoons for our After-School Program.


Meet the Leader


Barbara is a parent and a member of our congregation. She has led our After-School program for several years, and is deeply committed to this ministry. Originally from Germany, Barbara and her family moved to NYC from Florida and now live in the Upper West Side.